"I distinguish a stimulating recurrence at the moment of approaching creation, the enormous attraction that the dialogue between the plastic and the performative areas generate in me. It is from the contact with a texture, a color or a materiality that a body with specific requirements arises, creating in this way a temporal pace, a spatial profoundness and a poetic universe on its own.
To create is to be able to touch the materiality which I am working with and give that to the spectator. The piece is unveiled when the materiality is finally touched as it needs to be."
Agustina Sario

Agustina Sario: choreographer, teacher and dancer, Choreographic Assistant in the National Company of Contemporary Dance - Ministry of Culture of the Nation-Argentina. Degree in Psychology.

She currently holds a Doctorate in Arts, UNA, researcher at IAE-Facultad de Filosofía, UBA. She has worked in several national and international companies: Mouvoir (Germany), Krapp (Argentina), Co. Alexandra Bachzetsis (Switzerland), Co. Maguy Marin (France).

She created “Hueco-Planteo Coreográfico” 2004, “como siempre” 2007, “3 ideas idiotas” 2015, “Vestida de Novia” 2017 "Solo nº3" 2018, "4 Movimientos para una Sinfonía" 2019, "Montaje: Entre Obelisco y Tribunales” 2020, PRÓXIMA 2022 and Vanitas Trilogy 2020-2022.

In order to accomplish her works, she has received subsidies from Argentine and foreign institutions. She was invited to Theaters and Festivals from Latinoamerica, United States, Asia and Europe (Festival de Cannes, 2007, Festival Avignon, 2009, ImPulsTanz, 2009) among others.