VANITAS 3 - Marte (4 channels, 37 Min, live performance)

Finally, these two reunited bodies embark on a journey to Mars.
The two beings of Vanitas Mars are not the space workers dreamed of by the new colonizers, they are not humans taming another planet, in a virile act of technical skill, but sentient beings who carry with them the memory of their earthly roots.
Co-produced by the French Institute in Argentina, Fundación Cazadores and FIBA (Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires) Premiere at FIBA 2022

Directed/Performance: Agustina Sario & Matthieu Perpoint
Camera and Editing: Joaquín Wall
Art: Leandro Egido Hardoy
Music: Demian Velazco Rochwerger & Matthieu Perpoint
Lighting: Adrián Grimozzi
Video: Juan Bautista Selva
Sound: Federico Spinelli
Production: Débora Staiff

This work was supported by:
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"Vanitas Marte": imaginar el espacio exterior para visitar lo íntimo, Por Laura Gómez, Página 12 ,01/03/2022