Vanitas 3 - Mars

After the body-forest and body-city research and as the closing of this trilogy, the idea is to travel to Mars. This last part is guided by the questions: What is the corporeality we can imaging on Mars? What would we want to bring from "the human" there? What body does this topology and these conditions give us back? What are Martian life/death - eros/thanatos like?
This research is ongoing co-produced by FIBA 2022

Editing: Joaquín Wall
Art: Leandro Egido
sound/music: Demian Velazco Rochwerger/Mathhieu Perpoint
Camera:Joaquín Wall
Performance: Agustina Sario-Matthieu Perpoint
Directed by Perpoint-Sario

This work was supported by:
Agustina Sario       agustina sario       agustina sario