Vanitas - Pollination

My interest in the last two years has focused on the body / environment links and the Eros/Thanatos axes. I work the VANITAS format, in installation and audiovisual format.

“Vanitas-pollination”, part of a 25-hours exploration of listening / experiencing / filming in a forest. This work is presented in stained glass windows in the city of Buenos Aires as a pollination of the experience. I want to find a way to expand this pollination, like "weeds" in a city, and expand the sensitive experience to generate awareness, reflection about the environment and our practices.

Editing: Joaquín Wall
Camera: Matthieu Perpoint
Art: Leandro Egido
Music Creation: Demian Velazco Rochwerger/Matthieu Perpoint
Performance: Agustina Sario
Directed: Agustina Sario/Matthieu Perpoint

This work was supported by:
Agustina Sario