El devenir de la Performance Art argentina en época de pandemia - Camila Stehling

Eva y Adán en el Paraíso - Fabiana Barreda

Symphonie pour bouches et chair - Leslie Castagne

Doble imposible - Agustina Sario l

Solo nº3. Cuerpo Chamánico -Fabiana Barreda

Body-score. Prologue - Fabiana Barreda

Vestida de Novia - Anibal Villa Segura

Solo nº3. Earth is ritual rhythm - Aníbal Villa Segura

Body-score. Prologue: Fabiana Barreda

Couple as the score of a domestic erotic symphony
Four movements. An introduction in which oral sensuality is physical choreography in the style of Peter Greenaway.
First movement: she starts performing and the music starts invoking him.
Second movement: he displays his body as an experimental resonance.
Third movement: love is sacred physics and alchemy.
Spiritual and carnal union.
The video as a mirror of the bodies.
Its tactile parallel account, force mapping
And finally, a last movement in which dance is collective and we are all feminine, masculine, trans, intangible and infinite like sound and silence.